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Promotional financing options help you get what you really want or need.

You don't have to let a small budget keep you from getting what you really want or need. That's why Genstar offers promotional financing options when your purchase is made with a credit card issued by Synchrony Bank.

Synchrony Bank (formerly GE Capital Retail Finance) is one of the premier consumer financial services companies in the United States with over 80 years of retail heritage, and today is the largest provider of private label credit cards in the United States.

Synchrony Bank can provide you with promotional financing options for major purchases, offering you a budget-friendly way to help you get what you really want or need. Expand your purchasing power and convenience with:

  • A simple application process with fast credit decisions

  • Unsecured, revolving credit lines

  • Open credit line for future purchases

  • Promotional financing options

  • Convenient monthly payment options

  • Online account management


Applying online is quick, secure and private. To be pre-approved for a credit line, simply complete the online credit application and then contact your local Genstar to discuss your pricing options.


Has traditional air conditioner financing turned you down?


There is another option. Atwood Rentals HVAC offers rent-to-own air conditioner systems. We get you back to normal fast. Our dedicated team will have your replacement air conditioning system installation underway today. Atwood's flexible payment plans with no credit check. You get the relief you need today.

Air conditioner systems are a big expense, but we understand you can’t make do without one. It isn’t only a matter of comfort. It can be a matter of safety in the hottest and coldest months. We provide rent-to-own solutions that work for you no matter your credit history.

Our helpful staff guides you through the entire process. We help you get approved fast. We treat you with dignity and respect throughout your contracted term. We guide you on the path to your system ownership. We offer discount plans for automatic online payment. You can even pay off early with no penalty.



Rent-to-Own HVAC Programs Explained

In the previous section we asked if you wanted to own your unit. If you answered yes, a rent-to-own HVAC program is more likely your style. Guess what, with this option your payments become a whole lot more affordable! Buying an HVAC system can be a big commitment, so being able to lease to own a heating and air system can be much healthier for your budget. When you lease to own HVAC systems, every payment you make goes towards owning your HVAC system. Here are a few reasons you might want to consider a rent-to-own central air conditioner or rent-to-own central heat and air program:

  • Installation and old equipment removal is included.

  • 5 and 10 year labor warranties offered.

  • No credit check!

  • No hidden charges!

  • If you decide to sell your house, you may have the option to transfer your rental!

Rent to own HVAC units are definitely a smart choice for anyone who is considering buying their own unit. With a rent-to-own program from Atwood Rentals HVAC, the unit is yours at the end of the contract!

The Main Difference Between HVAC Leasing and Rent-to-Own


As we mentioned before, buying your own HVAC systems is a big commitment. That is why we want you to be prepared with as much information as possible to make the right decision towards purchasing a new HVAC system.


The main difference between HVAC leasing and HVAC rent-to-own programs is simple, with standard HVAC leasing you don’t end up owning your unit at the end of your contract. Both of these options make a new unit possible in your home, without having to purchase an HVAC unit at full cost right away.

However, with a standard leasing program you do not get the benefits and maintenance that come along with a rent-to-own program with Atwood Rentals HVAC. The deciding question is which program will better suit your residential or commercial HVAC needs? Both have great benefits but ultimately, it will come down to your budget and the maintenance associated with the contract.

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